Glossary of Mold Terms

A substance such as mold that can cause an allergic reaction.

This type of mold is often found indoors after a water intrusion incident that has not been responded to appropriately. At least one type of Aspergillus species produces aflaxatoxin which is both a toxin and carcinogen. The most common form may cause coughing, fever, chest pains, and breathlessness.

Mold assessment is the process of identifying the location, and extent of mold located within a building.

A chemical that kills mold.

This is a hand held device that permits the user to see inside walls, ceilings, and other interior building areas to determine if visible mold is present. It consists of a camera located on the end of a flexible tube or snake.

Colony Forming Units.

This species of mold often grows indoors when moisture has been present. This mold may cause sinusitis, pulmonary infections, and infections of the skin and toenails. Prolonged exposure may weaken the immune system of animals and humans.

The process of water vapor in the air converting into liquid water. Typically, this occurs on the interior side of window glass in high humidity conditions. It is the opposite of evaporation.

A device designed to reduce the level of moisture in the indoor air generally after a water intrusion incident. Moisture in the air is converted to water and the water is then removed.

Fungi is a classification of organisms separate from plants, animals and bacteria. Included are yeasts and molds.

Many fungi are parasites on plants, animals and humans. Some produce biologically active compounds that are toxic to animals and humans. These are known as mycotoxins.

A chemical that kills mold.

An organism of the kingdom of fungi, feeding on organic matter.

A high efficiency particulate air filter used as part of the remediation process.

High Ozone Shock Treatment
High ozone shock treatment or ozone blasting is a highly controversial method of remediating mold within a building. There are both advantages and disadvantages to the method.

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