Fire Lanes - Painting Requirements

Homeowner associations often authorize the towing of any vehicle unlawfully parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or in a fire lane, or in a manner that interferes with the entrance to, or exit from, the property or a private parking area.

Fire lanes located within homeowner associations must be properly marked. Boards should check with their local fire department for requirements in their city.

Following are sample guidelines for marking fire lanes:

  • Curb top and side shall be painted red, and the words, "FIRE LANE" shall be stenciled on the top and side of all red curbs at a maximum interval of 50 feet. Letters shall be three inches (3") in height.
  • If the fire lane has no curbing, a 12-inch-wide red stripe with the words "FIRE LANE" in white shall be painted along and parallel with the edge of the fire lane. The lettering shall be 8-inches high.
  • Signs must be 12-inches wide and 18-inches high and must read: "NO STOPPING - FIRE LANE" Lettering shall not be less than one-inch in height and must be clearly visible from a vehicle. Signs shall be at a height of 80 inches and unobstructed by landscaping.

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